Knowledge, Education, Learning

On this page you can learn words in foreign languages.
You can choose the level of learning and category of words.
The system automatically chooses the words randomly for certain parameters.
For each word you can answer if you were able to translate it correctly.
The system displays only these words that you could not translate correctly.
You can also add your own words.
They will be private and visible only for you.
The administrator can change their status to the public.
Then they will be available for all.
When learning a foreign language is worth to enter the word personally.
Why not enter this word right here to to use it later
or facilitate learning to others?
You can check the number of available words in specific languages
and how many words you have learned in specific languages.


Saving progress of learning and reporting
works only for registered and logged-in users.
For the not logged-in users
all words are shown.

Start learning of words